Is buying medications
without prescription through online pharmacy store legal?

Yes, it is legal. People from all over the world travel abroad and fill their prescriptions. With online buying advancing provocatively, you can get the same thing done at the ease of your home. There are numerous stories that show how this process is totally legit and legal.

Medications from
other countries are safe enough to use?

The medicines available are produced by licensed pharmaceutical businesses overseas. All the medications are tested and majorly marked safe as compared to other medicines manufactured in the USA. Only reliable and safe to use drugs are available on our website.

Is it necessary to
know the foreign name of the drugs to purchase it from your pharmacy source?

Not necessarily. The medicine can be ordered online through its generic name or the brand that produces it. Nonetheless, we can provide you with information and the names of the drug in most countries and their generic formula name for a variety of medicines.

Is ordering through
online drug store beneficial for me?

Ordering online through our pharmacy store can save you money and provide you with convenience of being delivered at your doorstep. Providing if you already know what medicines your doctor prescribes. Senior citizens have monetary issues as well as having to buy the medicine on their own. Ordering through pharma hub can save money, be handy and easily provides drugs from other countries’ reputable pharmaceutical companies.

How do pharmacies
abroad have much cheaper prices of drugs?

Patent laws and other political/legal issues in the USA hinder the prices to be low, as the brand name of the medicines provided have generic editions in the other countries which cannot be available in the USA. Side by side, advertising and promotion costs steep up the prices in USA which is an advantage for medicine manufacturers in other countries.

In other countries, the prices of the drugs are set according to the purchasing power of the majority. In Asian countries, the affordability level is not the same as of the people in the U.S. Therefore, according to the location and its value of money, the prices of the drugs vary. In this way, manufacturers overcharge customers in countries like USA who can relatively afford to pay for such medications. This is how they make up for the costs that they have to leverage in other countries. The pharmaceutical businesses rely to cover for their losses in foreign countries thinking that we can afford the prices to pay for it.

Now, with online buying gaining its attention, the way to purchase cheap medicines from foreign countries has become easier to avail. Thus, with our website services offered, you can have immediate access to several drugs online from overseas pharmacies right at the convenience of your order at home service. All these advantages are for as little as 80% of the prices you normally pay.

Is a prescription
necessary to be provided to place an order?

This may vary according to the medicine that is ordered. For a certain drug there may be a genuine prescription asked to show before placing the order. Similarly, you can email us your specific prescription and one of our customer support officer will get back to you within 24 hours to precede your order.

Is it troublesome for
me to import medicines?

According to the US Customs law of traveler information, there has never been an issue of carrying imported medicines for personal use with a supply of no more than 90 days. However, customs has a right to impede the import of medicines for any reason, but this does not state the prohibition of importation unless the drug is marked illegal to possess such as Marijuana, Ecstasy, etc.

Whenever the package is received by shipment, customs gives two options when a prescription of medicine is imported from an authorized pharmacist, which is to prohibit the entry of the drug or to let it pass. With a numerable amount of around 250,000 pieces of shipment is received everyday at every USA port, which includes shipment and mail of all varieties, there is no more than 10% of the shipment that can be denied or inspected. Consequently, 90% of the time the drugs are passed without scrutinizing them but in a legal way. Nonetheless, if a random package is checked and marked inadmissible to import, the most the customs can do is seize it. Upon which, the seizure can be claimed if the medicines are no more than a 90 day supply and for personal use only. Thus, no legal consequences take place and there is just a denial for the shipment to enter.

Is it possible to
ship medication to an international address?

Yes, we ship our orders through Express mail which guarantees reliable and swift delivery. For shipping medicines overseas, there can be special shipment arrangements made. On the other hand, there can be a delay due to customs or the FDA. Also, there can be no guarantee made about the delivery of the order. Moreover, there will be additional prices charged to you in case of shipping duty or taxes apply.

How are the shipments

pharma hub is situated in a foreign country; therefore, the shipments originate from there to all the particular locations that are suppose to reach. The shipment employed for all orders are express and the package can be traced and tracked down.

In the meantime while the package is on its way, it is possible to track it, by providing the courier tracking number to the express shipment company. This will be given to you by pharma hub as soon as your parcel is dispatched. This facilitates you to easily keep an eye as to where your package is moving and when will it reach its delivery destination. Express shipping process is as a result, the most reliable way for customer satisfaction in order to receive their parcel right at their convenience and free of all hassles.

In case of failure to receive your package personally due to any circumstances on the probable arrival date of shipment, you can leave a note on the door directing as to whom and where the package can be received on your behalf. Moreover, if the delivery address you have stated is a post office box, the US courier will deny taking it, therefore, the overseas courier will mail the shipment to the PO box by US Courier.

Is it possible to
track my parcel by any means?

Yes, you can easily track the parcel through the order shipment number provided. You just have to log in and click the Order Status option to view it.

In case my package is
lost, what will happen?

Supposedly your parcel is lost during shipment, pharma hub will provide you with a replacement order free of charge. Nonetheless, you will be apprehended accountable for the misplaced parcel due to provided information or mailing address being incorrect.

Do you deliver

Yes, pharma hub delivers worldwide except for Sweden. However, the drugs can be ordered from any country worldwide.

If I am not able to
receive the parcel, what will happen?

The delivery guy will leave the package in the postbox of your home, provided it is big enough to fit it in. Also, no signature is needed to receive it; therefore, the postman can just leave it in the mailbox.

Is it possible for
two people to ship the order on the same address?

No. this is not possible. Customs may seize such deliveries if two customers order the shipment on the same address even though they may live in the same house.

What is a generic

Generic drug is the exact copy of the brand name medicine. The dosage, quality, strength, performance and safety of the medicine are constant throughout. While producing a new drug, the pharmaceutical company keeps two kinds of names for it. First is namely the brand name through which it is referred to. The other is the generic name, which is the chemical formula based name of the drug of which it is composed from. The brand name can only be used by its manufacturer and is licensed to be marketed by that only. This ensures that the drug is patented to its maker who is the sole distributor of the medicine in all countries worldwide. However, in many countries the generic alternative of the drug becomes available easily. The generic medicine is of the same equivalent portion, dosage and ingredients as to its branded drug. Thus, because of the patent and licensing by the manufacturing company, the generic drug being the same as brand name drug, is known to be sold with a general name.

Are generic drugs
effective and safe to use like its brand name medicine?

The generic drugs are produced under complete vigilance and compliance of the laws that are set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This ensures that the protection and efficacy of the drug meets the requirement of its actual brand name chemical formula. FDA is an agency with employees who are medical specialists making sure that the standard and quality of the generic drug is up to the approval level. “A”- rating is given to the drug when it meets the same set of worth as its brand name drug. This also refers to the fact that it is one and the same in quality safety, dosage strength and performance as medical formula.

How is the quality of
the generic drug’s continued worth be assured?

The generic drug has an evaluation system done by the manufacturing company. Moreover, FDA has regular assessments of the quality of chemicals used and has an extended research for equivalence of the medicine in all aspects possible.

Who are the
manufacturers of generic drugs?

There are two ways generic medicine is produced. One is by the same pharmaceutical company that makes the brand name medicine. The other is the pharmaceutical manufacturer who has specialized in producing generic drugs. All pharmaceutical makers have to meet up to the standards of the GMP, WHO and FDA and seek their approval to produce. pharma hub makes sure all medicines available are produced by reputable international pharmaceutical companies who meet the standards.

What is the policy in
terms of refund of order?

pharma hub offers complete refund option which states that if the order fails to deliver, there is complete cash back policy available. The due amount will be refunded back to the credit card account given at the time of order being placed. Furthermore, you can also ask for re-shipment of the order. In any case given, refund depends on the shipping method chosen at the time of order.